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Run for the call

Recommended Reading List

On Killing

An illuminating account of how soldiers learn to kill and how they live with the experiences of having killed.

Emotional Survival of Law Enforcement

A guide for LEOs and their loved ones. Offers a no-nonsense overview of what LEOs are up against throughout each stage of their career. It also highlights the three main reasons why LEOs end up angry, jaded, and in a state of loss upon retirement.

I Love A Cop

A helpful compilation of stories from LEOs and their significant others. Provides practical ways to deal with the challenges and obstacles that come along with being part of the LEO community. Presents the reader with realistic suggestions for handling topics ranging from drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, spillover from on-the-job stress, and special topics for women and minorities.

Under The Blue Shadow

A collection of real-life clinical cases and research aiming to shed light upon the difficult task many police officers face daily as they come across different forms of human misery and, as a result, suffer from psychological harm. Valuable resource for helping LEOs survive this psychologically challenging occupation.

The Body Keeps Score

An exceptional work offering a new perspective on how best to treat those in the LEO community suffering from traumatic stress. This book suggests we move away from the more traditional ways of therapy in this instance and instead use an approach focused on healing mind, body, and soul.

Left of Bang

An excellent guide to decision making and being able to read the environment you are in quickly in order to be able to respond quickly. Emphasizes the importance for LEOs to have skills ranging from understanding body language to detecting anomalies so that they may know what people are going to do before they do it.

Trauma and Recovery

An important work explaining how the issues surrounding the topic of how we treat and think about trauma victims has changed within the clinical community and LEO culture over time. Asserts that people can only understand psychological trauma in a social context.

CopShock, Surviving PTSD

A useful resource for LEOs, their families, and all who suffer from PTSD. Provides the reader with gripping stories and copious amounts of research all highlighting the traumas those with PTSD deal with.

Surviving the Shadows

An important look into the topic of PTSD and the many ways of treatment. The author firmly believes in peer-to-peer therapy as a useful form of treatment as opposed to solely receiving the assistance of mental health professionals.

Too Scared to Cry

Recounts the story of twenty-six children who were kidnapped from their school bus and buried alive. These children survived and lived to tell the story. Discusses the topic of childhood trauma and its effects.

Force Under Pressure

An open discussion of the stresses related to police work, how they affect the lives of LEOs, and how to overcome these stresses. Offers many examples of how trauma impacts LEOs involved in critical encounters.

Slayer of the Soul

A highly praised study confronting the stories, confusion, and fury surrounding the topic of childhood sexual abuse in relation to the Catholic church.