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“Cops understand Cops. We’ve been exposed to similar situations in our careers. Whether you’re active duty or retired and feel like no one understands what you're going through, we want to answer your CALL.”
CopLine has earned the trust of the Law Enforcement community by providing peer listening through a hotline by maintaining complete confidentiality as well as anonymity if the caller chooses. We train competent, confident, committed, and compassionate retired officers to engage with callers on the daily stressors officers and their family members experience.

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Stephanie Samuels
501 Iron Bridge Road #6
Freehold, NJ 07728

Copline is

a not-for-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to serving active and retired law enforcement officers and their loved ones by providing CONFIDENTIAL 24/7 trained retired officers for callers that are dealing with various stressors law enforcement careers encounter both on and off the job. Whether it is just a “bad day” or a crisis we are here to listen. We are able to assist with a referral to a culturally competent mental health professional.

Please help us support CopLine by choosing our international Police Hotline as your favorite charity on Amazon Smile. It takes only seconds to set up and .05% of every purchase will go directly to CopLine, which can add up very quickly, and enable us to continue serving those that wear/wore the badge and their loved ones.

Thank you for supporting CopLine.

How CopLine Helps and How You Can Too!

Learn more about Dian, one of the first true members of CopLine

Copline Training July 2020

We can’t thank Bless the Badge enough for helping us spread the word that NO OFFICER IS EVER ALONE

Get To Know CopLine

The internal emotional/psychological struggle of Law Enforcement officers is immense and unfortunately, more often than not, goes by unspoken or unnoticed.

CopLine is here to change that. We offer the world's only 24/7 and 100% completely confidential helpline for officers and their families. On the other end of each phone call is a vetted retired police officer to ensure your voice is not only heard but understood.

We are a true not for profit company built on the foundation of volunteers who just want to give back to their police family.

Grand Prairie Police Host Training for Hotline to Help Officers in Need

Retired police officers from around the country traveled to North Texas for training that could save the lives of fellow officers.

They will become trained operators for COPLINE (1-800-COP-LINE) to help active officers who are facing PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or other forms of mental distress.

COPLINE Vodcast Panel Discussion

CopLine's Founder-Director, Stephanie Samuels, Retired LAPD Captain, Jim Alvarez and "Criminal Minds" star and law enforcement supporter, Joe Mantegna, joined Romeo Carey for a wide-reaching discussion on "Boxed Hot."

Listen to George Strait's touching dedication to Law Enforcement across the nation

CopLine would like to express our sincere appreciation to George Strait for allowing us to use his song “Weight of the Badge”, as it reflects our shared concern for Law Enforcement officers everywhere.

We are humbled and grateful for George Strait’s support of our mission.

Join us today in support of officers everywhere and help us make a difference.


Copline on Fox News

We are very grateful to see that FOX News has not only featured Copline during a special Town Hall America segment but specifically dedicated their time and efforts to highlight the suicide crisis among police officers, and the surge of violence against men and women in law enforcement.

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04 January 2021
Upcoming Events
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Suicide Research

  • Verifiable Data

    Dr. John Violanti analyzed suicide data between 1999-2013 (present data availability) and came up with a verifiable statistic from a Centers for Disease Control database- Police officers have a 54% higher probability for suicide than does the general U.S. working population- based on a sample of 5 million U.S. workers.


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