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A Message from CopLine’s Founder-Director

I wanted to write something meaningful, encouraging and an expression of heartfelt gratitude but am at a loss for just the right words. As first responders, doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, grocery store employees, food delivery services, researchers and many others are on the frontlines, many others are worried about being able to provide shelter and food for their families. Please keep in mind that law enforcement will need to deal with ALL of these challenges.

We have been hearing this word “resiliency” now for some time as it has become the “buzz word”for government funding and programs. However, I know of NO GREATER, more resilient population than First Responders in general, and police specifically, as they must act even when “off the job”. Overall, this has been a thankless job and more lethal in the past 12 years. Yet, officers still put on their uniforms everyday and leave their houses facing uncertainty. Now our country, made up of civilians like myself, get a greater taste of what uncertainty feels like EXCEPT one minor detail...WE CAN STAY AT HOME.

America was built on resiliency. Many officers’ backgrounds are woven into this cloth allowing them to function under circumstances others cannot. Resiliency is not for those that have been and are sheltered, it is for those that lived life experiencing, often cruel realities of a world they had no control over. It was during those times they learned to survive both mentally and physically; they became warriors and learned how to survive during insidious situations. They, WE, became resilient. It is not the uniform that makes the person but what lies beneath. There are many heroes that wear plain clothes and walk amongst us, their common thread...RESILIENCY.

As we continue to move through these uncertain times, I ask you to use your experiences to grow, to become resilient. That is just good life saving techniques...first secure yourself then help others. NEXT, I ask that each and everyone of us supports our law enforcement officers (as well as other first responders and essential personnel) and their families. They are now NOT going home to their loved ones, they are renting Airbnb’s and HomeAway’s to keep their families safe. They do not have the luxury of being reassured physically or emotionally at “home”.

Everyone needs to help. Those that can, PLEASE do your part by staying home, working together, sharing knowledge and resources. We as a country WILL get through this and in the end be a little more resilient than we were before. We will continue to be proud of our nation and our pledge of allegiance will be a bit more meaningful.

Please remember COPLINE remains available 24/7 for all officers and their loved ones. PLEASE REMEMBER You are NEVER ALONE 1-800-COP-LINE. (1-800-267-5463)